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Introducing Highlife Travel. We bring you discounted wholesale travel rates on flights, hotels and resorts, weekly condos, cruises, activities, dining, shopping and more.  

Why High Life Travel?

Travel memberships are on their way out, while pre-paid travel is on the rise. Our new High Life Travel program is set to revolutionize the industry.

Save up to 70% off what the public pays with just a few clicks. The truth is, travel memberships are out. Prepaid travel is in. Highlife Travel is first to market. With prepaid travel, there’s absolutely no monthly or annual fees to access your savings. 

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Members have saved $100+ million

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Save up to 70% off what the public pays!

Prepaid Travel Packages

Save money on travel just for yourself, or build a global travel business as an Affiliate and get paid to help others travel and save!

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Thanks to partnerships with the biggest brands in the business, get access to more than
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The HLT Prepaid Travel Savings packages give our Affiliates and Customers discounts at over 800,000 hotels and resorts worldwide using wholesale travel rates – with no monthly or annual fee to access these savings. The Prepaid Travel Savings packages allow users to prepay $199, $399, $599, or $799 to access $1,500 – $10,000 worth of travel savings. These savings go into each users balance and can be used at any time. 

No, this is the most unique part of our program. Unlike other wholesale travel platforms that charge you a monthly or annual fee simply to have access to discounts, we have NO monthly or annual fees to access your discounts. Your prepaid savings balance can be used at any time, and you can repurchase travel savings as you need them. 

No, each hotel will be different depending on hotel type, price, and room availability at the time of booking. If a hotel is in high demand due to a convention, concert, event, or in peak season, the hotel discounts will vary based on supply and demand. 

The very best way to find the greatest available savings is by location search, not by specific name of hotel. The best deals will always be displayed on the first few pages when you do a location/city search. It’s always best to search by location and not by specific hotel to find the best rates. Sometimes the specific hotel may not be offering great discounts due to supply and demand. It’s possible if you are flexible with what hotel you are willing to stay at, you may find a better price at a better hotel in that same area. 

The public price displayed when you do a city search to book a hotel will be the best online public price that a major booking site would sell that hotel room at. The HLT price is the price you pay after the applied prepaid travel savings are used. The savings simply reduce the price of the hotel stay from retail to wholesale. As long as you have prepaid travel savings in your balance to cover the total available savings, you can take advantage of the full discount.


Example: Assume you have $7,000 in travel savings in your prepaid travel balance and you book a 3 night stay in Las Vegas and the hotel available savings is $300, you would save $300 off the retail public price using your savings balance. Your remaining savings balance after you book would now be $6,700 because you used $300 savings dollars to save on that booking. The remaining $6700 in travel savings would now be available for your future bookings. When you use and save all $7,000 on your hotel and resort bookings, you simply repurchase and reload your savings balance. 

The booking engine is very similar to other online travel sites like Priceline, Expedia, Travelocity, and others. These companies are handicapped by the policy of “Rate Parity”.  Rate Parity agreements between hotels and online travel agencies prevent them from pricing their rooms below the advertised price offered by the Hotels themselves. High Life Travel is exempt from Rate Parity because we are a closed/private booking engine. Our members-only platform passes the available savings and discounts to our Customers.

No, your prepaid travel savings balance does not expire. You can use your savings whenever you’d like. 

No, the amount of prepaid travel savings available will depend on the hotel, dates, and how many nights you book. It is NOT POSSIBLE to book a hotel room and get it for free. However, prepaid travel savings can be applied to reduce the price of the hotels from the best public online rate to a lower rate, saving you on every booking.

If I use my prepaid travel savings balance to book travel and then refund my trip, what happens to my prepaid travel savings balance?

Your balance would be refunded to your account as long as the room option booked was refundable. 

As long as there are savings available on a particular hotel and room type, you may use your prepaid travel savings balance on any of the hotels available in our booking engine. If there are no savings available, you would just pay the regular room rate. 

It is very important to not give you your username or password for others to book using your High Life Travel account. You are allowed to make reservations for yourself, partner, or for immediate family members. Making reservations on behalf of unrelated third parties is not encouraged. 

Yes, as an added value benefit, the booking site provides automatic and unlimited  discounts without having to use your prepaid travel savings on car rentals, flights, daily member deals, group travel and meetings.

After purchasing a prepaid travel savings package, you will be able to save up to 25% off brand name car rental agencies. You will also have access to group travel when you need to book more than 9 rooms (most booking sites only allow you to book up to 9 rooms or less at a time).

Additionally you will have access to the world’s largest meeting space booking engine. Next time you need meeting space for your MDC opportunity meeting or training, USE THE MEETINGS tool to help find your perfect place with specially negotiated rates with a single click. These added benefits do not go against and use up your prepaid travel savings balance. The discounts are offered as a perk for being apart of High Life Travel. 

There aren’t many savings at all on flights. Airlines don’t offer savings on flights, especially domestically. We offer flights in our booking engine mainly as a convenience. We have a lot of the major airlines available. We recommend searching flights from at least 2-3 booking engines to find the best discount.

If there is a question or problem AFTER a reservation has been made, how is that handled?

The MDC Customer Care team is available at to assist with accessing your booking engine, or questions about our prepaid travel savings packages. However, a different Customer Service line is in place for any questions related to bookings once they have been made. A reservation confirmation number will be sent via email or text. The receipt confirmation will display a 1-800 number. You can log into your High Life Travel booking engine and click on “My Bookings” for the booking history. You can also click on “My Summary” to use the 24/7 Live Chat to talk to reservations as well.

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